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Knowing the Type of Bet in Cockfighting

Knowing the Type of Bet in Cockfighting

Knowing the Type of Bet in Cockfighting – Cockfighting is one type of game that has been known for a long time among the people of Indonesia. How not, this cockfighting game has been around since the time of our ancestors. So this game has long been played by the people of Indonesia. This cockfighting game eventually became a game from generation to generation to the next generation to the point where cockfighting was not used as an arena for a strong fight anymore but a gambling arena. Gambling is what caused the game of cockfighting to be banned in Indonesia, so nowadays we will definitely have difficulties if we want to find a cockfighting arena.

1. Meron Chicken
This bet you put the chicken in the red column, it’s easy if the red chicken wins the match then you are considered to have won. For example in the picture above there are red cock odds of 0.84, if you put up 100 thousand then your win is calculated using the cockfighting betting formula as 84,000.

2. Wala Chicken
Just like the meron chicken but this is on the opposite side, as the blue rooster. As we can see in the picture above, the kenya is -0.98. If you install a blue chicken and then win with a nominal installation of 100 thousand, then your win is 100,000 too. But if you lose, you have to pay 98,000.

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3. Both Death Draw
This bet is if both chickens die before 10 minutes of the match, if you place on the meron or wala the funds will be returned. However, if you install DRAW, you will reap the victory, because the calculation of the cockfighting gambling formula is 1:8. For example the picture above with odds 8 and you put up 100 thousand then 1: 8 = 800 thousand your win.

4. Full Time Draw
This bet means that in 10 minutes of the match no one dies, BDD, Meron, and Wala bets will be declared lost. If you place a bet on FTD with odds in the picture above of 55 with a nominal value of 100 thousand, if you win you get 5,500,000. If you lose then the loss is only 100 thousand.…